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About The Quiet House Library

Promoting literacy, one book at a time.


Mission: To promote literacy, information, intellectual thought, and creativity by and about black people. To encourage lifelong learning, discovery and self-expression.

The Quiet House Library was founded in 2021. It is a special library which is focused on the African American experience and the African Diaspora. All library collections/materials are by or about black people.

The library materials available to borrow are books, film and music. The book collections are categorized as Intellectual Thought and Creativity, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. The film collection includes documentaries, classic movies, and contemporary movies. The music collection includes Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Country, movie soundtracks and Hip-Hop. Library materials are added on a continuous basis, so if you don't see it today you may see it tomorrow.

The book collections are integrated with children, Young Adult and Adult literature. You can review the catalog at any time to choose books, that suit your interest or needs. As a member, you will be given the privilege of placing library items on hold.

In the Library
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